Canadian Joint Warfare Centre – Wargaming

On 23 June 2021, Major Scott Roach, briefed RUSI(NS) and guests with a presentation titled “Canadian Joint Warfare Centre – Wargaming.” 

Major Roach, who has been responsible for establishing the war gaming section of the Canadian Joint Warfare Centre (CJWC) since 2018, shared an update about this exciting, yet little-known field, combining technology, innovation and strategy to build an integrated, relevant, interoperable and agile military force. The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) has deployable forces that are agile, trained, ready and willing to fight and win in defence of Canada’s interests. The mission of the Canadian Joint Warfare Centre is to lead the targeting, modelling and simulation, organizational knowledge and capability development experiences of the CAF to prepare joint forces for various operations. Since the First World War, almost all major operations have been preceded by simulation and field exercises to test the strengths and weaknesses of battle plans. Combat simulations have grown in complexity over the past twenty years and software now allows dozens of soldiers and even pilots to be linked together in a virtual world.

A PDF of Maj Roach’s presentation is available here.

RUSI(NS) Staff

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