“Against Daesh, and for the World Order”: An Update on Operation IMPACT in the COVID-19 Era

Major-General Michel-Henri St-Louis spoke to RUSI(NS) and guests on 20 January 2021 with a presentation titled “Against Daesh, and for the World Order”: An Update on Operation IMPACT in the COVID-19 Era.”

The effects of COVID-19 on our communities are undeniable and occupy much of the public discussion in multiple social spheres. In this turmoil, it is easy to forget that many Canadians are working abroad on our behalf, striving to maintain security at home and abroad. What is happening in Iraq, Jordan, and Lebanon? What kind of threats does Daesh represent and how is Canada perceived by our allies around the world in the current pandemic environment?

Major General St-Louis recently served as Commander of Joint Task Force IMPACT, the largest joint force deployed by Canada that provides the Kuwaiti National Command and Control Element to Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) capacity-building efforts in Iraq, Lebanon and Jordan. He is one of the most experienced leaders in the CAF, which gave him credibility to provide us with an update on the region, the threat level and the CAF contribution to the Global Coalition to weaken and defeat Daesh in Iraq and Syria.

Major General St-Louis is currently Commander of the Canadian Army Doctrine and Training Centre and answered questions in this area as well. His bio is at:

A PDF of the presentation is here.

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