Naval Expeditionary Forces

Response to:  Navy Expeditionary Forces Providing Expeditionary Capabilities and Training during RIMPAC 2016

It is often underappreciated that a mark of a global navy is not just the number and type of major combatants in that navy’s fleet, but the variety and capabilities of specialized units within the navy itself.

The United States Navy’s Expeditionary Forces are an example of the tremendous range of capabilities the US can contribute to a situation whether it be humanitarian assistance/disaster response or combat. The Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) can only offer the Canadian government more limited options. The RCN does have, though, resources such as divers and small boats units in addition to frigates and submarines, and it is great to read that these are participating in such a major exercise as RIMPAC from which they will come back with valuable experiences.

RUSI(NS) Staff

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