Canadian Armed Forces/Department of National Defence Space

On 15 February 2023, Brigadier-General G. Michael Adamson, Commander, 3 Canadian Space Division, spoke to RUSI(NS) and guests with a presentation titled “Canadian Armed Forces/Department of National Defence Space.”

Recognition of the increasingly critical importance of space in all of the Canadian Armed Forces’ (CAF) operations is driving the steady growth and evolution of the space enterprise. 3 Canadian Space Division (3 CSD) was established in July 2022 to meet an expanded scope of space operations. BGen Mike Adamson discussed the importance of space to the CAF, the mandate and mission of 3 CSD, and how his organization supports the deterrence of irresponsible actions in space, building the resilience of CAF space systems, and ensuring continued access to the space domain.

A PDF of BGen Adamson’s slides is available here. A recording of the presentation may be available upon request to RUSI(NS).

Badge of 3 Canadian Space Division

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